The Rules

Best results when given free range ( let me work and see what comes out, that curiosity drives my creativity )


The Process

So you want to put my abilities to work for you.

  • First (and I cannot stress this enough) know or at least have an understanding of what you want.
  • Second, send me a email describing what you want and include examples if you can.
  • Third, once we have an understanding and agreement, you make a down payment and I began working.
  • I send you the first draft and we make corrections
  • you pay the remainder of your balance
  • I send you, the original file, the color separation files for print and a free render (don’t mention it)

The Pricing

  • T-shirt start  at $100, depending on the work that’s required I’ll give a more accurate quote (might be more might be less, who know how these things really go huh?) and take about a day to get a first draft
  • T-shirt with characters start at $175 and take about 5 days or less for a first draft
  • Logos start at $150 and take about 2 days for a first darft

Direction guidelines

  • Depending on how much freedom you wish to give me you’ll want to tailor your description. More Description = Less Freedom vise versa
  • The wrong type of direction

“I want something nice ”

  • The right type of direction

“I want something cute, simple, yet creative for college hipsters”
That had everything, at least three different and non conflicting adjectives, and a specific demographic. (You wanna stop here if you wish to give me full artistic freedom)

  • This is very important, no seriously, I do not work for you, we work together, and I am not designing to your “satisfaction” I’m designing to your directions

The Legalities

Rest assured all my work is for hire so the moment your balance is cleared, it belongs to you, I won’t share it with anyone either and I’ll sign your confidentiality agreement (just fax it over or something).


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