Abode Ux Ui Design

I month ago I designed a user interface for fun named abode , i decided to redesign it and do a little more this time.   then I took it to principal for the other half.

ux design for Royal Mail

  I recently got  the opportunity to participate in an interview process for at design company for a Ux UI job and they required a design test for the position. They sent us a package with some of these assets and a set of instructions to work from. This was my entry I used Sketch…

Pocket vegan – Ux/Ui

This was a quick design, I’m making a habit of doing a few things everyday and designing the things I don’t usually get to is one of those things I’m taking the initiative to do. So far have not been animating anything yet but that’s the next thing I’m pushing to accomplish everyday.

Exploration of the UX/UI kind

So I’ve been quite interested with the UX/UI field for quite sometime, however never fully got my foot in, until now. I recently got invited to Dribbble and this, my friend, brought it all together. Time to step you game up Diom, step it up.