Attack of the Blerds Live Podcast – IG Flyer

Had to do some promotion for the attack of the blerds podcast live event, But I honestly didn’t do much work on this one. The vector of the characters were already provided, I just added the info needed. the event is linked here, and you can listen to the podcast here.

Tumblr Inspired Series – 04 No Jive

This night was a WU-Tang night, I was bumping 36 chambers and got to the classic urban musical portrayal of lower class minority caught in the belly of the capitalism beast – “C.R.E.A.M” and this is what happened In retrospect I believe my design was a little too campy in comparison to the actual song…

Tumblr Inspired Series – 03 Last Night

So it seems that when I designed this one I had Digital love by Daft punk stuck in my head, and there in lies the reason behind the quote used on this design

Tumblr Inspired series – 02 Pretty Fades

So this all happened in the the course a week or so, and every night surely I would scroll down my tumblr feed and get something , then I would take to Illustrator while Mr Theophilus London would play in my headphones ( “big spender” is quite addictive I must say, give it a listen)….

ASU @ VCU Fashion Show 2013

As some of you may know I’m currently attending VCU and being African and a designer it’s only natural that I would take part in their fashion show. However them knowing that I have a degree in graphic design has made for a very prolific relationship, so to speak. Here I give you the poster…

Fashion show flyer BW & Spring Break = Design Time!!!!

    So those who actually follow/read my blog know that I’m part of the ASU Fashion show at my school VCU, and so I had to design these flyers to recruit designers that might want to participate.   The pic is from a lovely site I just found, vlisco, turns out it’s one of…

Try Diom!

A while back I worked with a guy starting it’s own line (as everyone does these days) but this guy had a great reason for starting his, and for that I really went out of my way to deliver for him, at the end he decided to rethink his branding strategy and I was left…

The Rule ( the Prequel )

This was one of the few ones I had to do more than one take on, this was the first one, and personal fav our of the bunch


a series of posters I did a couple years ago 1) 2) 3) 4)

Philm Nouar Poster

Made this song with a friend of mine and made a poster  for it and the song

Community Action Day

This was for an Org in Minneapolis, they went with another one of my designs but, they should’ve went with this one.