Naba @VCU flyer for Dixon Hughes Goodman

Less we forget I am still an Accountant, graduation right around the corner,  so here are the outcomes of the usual job description of designing a flyer for the accounting firm visiting our humble little chapter I’ve recently grown quite fond of this font “BigNoodleTitling” ,great tall sans serif font, just fits whenever I need…

Asu Pageant 2013 – VCU

It’s been quite a while since I updated the blog, It’s been a very eventful second part of the year. We’ll get to to events when the time comes  however right now lets look at some designs. This came to me a bit abruptly but in light of recent events I’ve decided to design without…

Cameroun National Day – Flyer

  So If you follow the blog you know I designed some flyers for the fashion show at my school and the after party. Well the guy who commissioned the work contacted me recently for some more work, here it is.  

After Party

So as some of may know the African Student Union Fashion show is on the horizon at my school, and one of the folks in charge is of course none other than yours truly. So I was contacted by a gentleman that had a vested interest. Turns out he’s throwing the after party and requested…

Fashion show flyer BW & Spring Break = Design Time!!!!

    So those who actually follow/read my blog know that I’m part of the ASU Fashion show at my school VCU, and so I had to design these flyers to recruit designers that might want to participate.   The pic is from a lovely site I just found, vlisco, turns out it’s one of…

African’s Unite 3

A friend of mine every year organizes a party at a local nightclub for the independence of Ghana (he’s Ghanian), and 3 years ago he asked me to make a flyer for it,   This was the result, needless to say I was hired to make another one for the following year, And now the…

ASU Flyer

  So some of you know I’m in school, and I’m part of a couple student orgs, ASU being one, so every chance they get to have me design some work for them is a good thing . This one was for the first General body meeting.  

Black Professionals in Government – Flyer

    So if you’ve been following, you know I’m a member of NABA at my school, well the last event of the semester is this one. A collab between National Association of Black Accountants, Black Caucus, Black Student Law Association and Blacks In Government, all to promote Black professionals in government. When I heard…


The African student Union is putting on an event to help the different orgs get to know each other, I’m hosting, here’s the flyer  enjoy!

BookBag to Briefcase

  So I just joined NABA at my school and came to one of the meeting and was asked to make this flyer, it was a nice event. I met a partner from the Pwc office of Richmond.

Sweet Frog Flyer

    So some may know I’m still in school, I’m a business student, Accounting, and I just joined NABA. Here’s a flyer I did for my school’s chapter fundraiser at :   Sweet Frog, you guessed it. It was my first time and boy was it good lol. Did a different background color too….