MamiWata – Logo and apparel

So decided to reopen the old etsy shop and get some new stuff going for the brand, this was the first to come to me. If you like what you see you can purchase one here. The African folklore of Mami Wata a siren that’s been the subject of many artworks, stories and songs. I…

Attack of the Blerds Live Podcast – IG Flyer

Had to do some promotion for the attack of the blerds podcast live event, But I honestly didn’t do much work on this one. The vector of the characters were already provided, I just added the info needed. the event is linked here, and you can listen to the podcast here.

Re-Public Our Democracy

Recently got a job for a t-shirt the instructions we to design something with the concept “Lets re-public our democracy” did the t-shirt mock up and this was the final result.

Studio 2-3

I was waiting between classes when I was working towards my accounting degree, and as I sat down I locked eyes with a colleague and fellow students, he immediately blurts out “Mohamed, we need a logo!”.  This was the result, it seems they could not find a logo for Studio 2-3 that did not look…

Exploration of the UX/UI kind

So I’ve been quite interested with the UX/UI field for quite sometime, however never fully got my foot in, until now. I recently got invited to Dribbble and this, my friend, brought it all together. Time to step you game up Diom, step it up.

Nigeria SuperEagles shirt for Brazil 2014

So some of you may know that I had this one for a while now with me, however all this time I still did not have the time to shoot it properly and put it on display for you guys. Well finally yesterday things came together as a couple friends showed up and we so…

Brazil 2014 World Cup Shirt Printed and ready to go

Hey guys, so some of you remember the world cup shirt I designed a while ago? well I’m Printing them and for your viewing and buying pleasure here’s the Brazil 2014 world cup t-shirt of A.F.R Lives. I dare you, matter of fact I double dare you to find a better looking world cup shirt,…

Tumblr Inspired Series – 04 No Jive

This night was a WU-Tang night, I was bumping 36 chambers and got to the classic urban musical portrayal of lower class minority caught in the belly of the capitalism beast – “C.R.E.A.M” and this is what happened In retrospect I believe my design was a little too campy in comparison to the actual song…

Tumblr Inspired Series – 03 Last Night

So it seems that when I designed this one I had Digital love by Daft punk stuck in my head, and there in lies the reason behind the quote used on this design