AFRlives goes to Toronto’s African Fashion Week!

As some of you may know I launched my own brand, AFRlives. I’m glad to say that the store has been doing well and the brand has been getting great responses from you all and blogs alike. So it with great pleasure that I bringing you this news: AFRlives will be attending the Toronto African Fashion Week.

That being said any and all donations will contribute to accomplishing this trip and will be greatly appreciated. In exchange I’ll be keeping you all updated on the progress of the trip posting pictures and videos on this blog and the AFRlives site, and won’t fail to thank and mention your support in any all coverage during the events. Maybe even send you some promotional material if we get to produce them, who knows.




A great part of the expenses of this trip are already taken care of ie booth space, hotel room, transport etc… However a missing and crucial part of this undertaking is promotional material, posters, buttons, promo tees, key chains, Banners etc… Not to mention the unforeseen events of life. Needless to say help is needed and any and all help will be great appreciated.







Thank you,
Diom, Founder of AFRlives

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