AfrLives 2014 Winter collection

As many of you know, I started my brand AfrLives a little earlier this year, and I’m glad to say that it’s been doing quite well. We’re looking forward to next january  which will be our one year anniversary, yeah! (have you seen the stats? Morbid dare I say).

However It is now winter 2013 and I have yet to release any new designs. Then let us remedy that. I started designing this collection and like many other design jobs went through a couple tries before reaching what I wanted to express, and then it was there, DARE… Dare to be….Dare, to be, African, don’t just be African, don’t just be bold about it, be unapologetically African.

With that in mind, it began.

Uinv-of-Z-Ldies-Purple Uinv-of-Z-Ldies Uinv-of-Z Uinv-of-Z2

Dope DopeGrey

I revisited some concepts I had previously done gave them a refreshed point of view, took a  more daring approach to what I could and could not do in terms of print and budget.

Afr-Prince Cleopatra

Design now, without any limitations to truly unleash the potential  and figure  the production and business details later, because if we’re gonna work, we’re gonna work with the best product there is and so I designed everything my heart desired.

DopeladiesGrey DopeladiesNvy Ibeg-Plum Ibeg

Designed leggings an area I’ve wanted to design for before, but never did due to budget restrictions and etc…Come to find out the means were within my grasp this whole time. Richard Bronson said in an interview that he did not enter a business field just for the profit, he did only if thought he could bring something to it, with that in mind the only legging design I like and felt stood apart enough was this one.


With that door being open I thought “why not” and decided to also get a some cargo camouflage pants done for us gentlemen, with this camouflage pattern I had built from different variations of the African map, this is the result.



And so Just like that I find myself with  a winter fall collection. Now comes the businessman in me, how do I produce all of these and meet the demand as it comes, will I have the budget to do so? What quantities show I order? How to properly forecast demand and plan accordingly?

So here’s the plan. Each item will be released separately in two weeks intervals. Every other friday, AfrLives will release and new item or a different color wave for one of the new designs until January 2014. Putting us right in shape for our college tour!!!

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