Kicks Fly Free


If you are into sneakers than this just might be the post for you, KicksFlyFree is a site by a friend of mines design to cater to the ever exclusive market of Sneakerheads. It’s quite simple buy a tee, enter to win some sneaks, nice right? especially considering who’s designing the tees, I’ll give you a minute.


I was commissioned for one logo and one tee, and I learned something about myself during this job. My creative process has been honed in designing t-shirts so even when I’m designing logos I still behave as if I’m designing a t-shirt. So this logo was actually the last thing I designed, the following shirt was first.


KicksFly Tank



The tank was a personal choice and I’m amazed on how well it turned out, not to mention how well it matched the denim lebrons.




The ringer tee was another experiment, I always try a couple different options, at least 2.




And after realizing the tanks were a hard find I went ahead and produced an extra option





I believe you can still buy these tees at  KicksFlyFree  as for winning the Denim Lebrons, you may have missed your opportunity. Still a nice tee though,


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